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Precious Metals Items

The precious metals items are timeless, it is a special category of our products, which is not just a luxurious souvenir or an exclusive gift, but a financial investment as well.

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These small items demonstrate your uniqueness to everyone! No matter for what and how you have got a badge, it is important that you have it! It means you are special!

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Orders and medals

For half a century we have been manufacturing medals and orders. It is not surprising that these products are becoming increasingly popular. Status, recognition and respect are hidden in a small case!


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Production of badges

A badge is an easily recognizable attribute that is made of different materials and usually has a printed picture or logo on it. Since the ancient times, badges indicated belonging to one group or another, as well as symbolized the importance of an event or a venue.

Being a prototype for some modern jewellery, badges were made of common copper, lead, or precious metals. The stamping method, which incidentally has not lost its relevance nowadays, was used in production.

Today, badges have not lost its grouping signification, but have also acquired a new meaning of being a visible and effective advertising, as well as an affordable and compact souvenir. Using the modern stamping and printing technologies, you can easily select almost any desired design, and order any quantity of products to be produced in a short time.

Types of badges

First of all, badges are divided according to its functional purpose. So, the good managers can be interested in such products from the point of view of creating the corporate culture, the feeling of unification. Therefore, the corporate badges are ordered very often. Also, given the effectiveness of the badges as a catchy advertising, the advertising and special trademark badges are produced as well.

There are many other possible meanings of such products – for example, badges for graduates of schools or higher educational institutions, functionary or military insignia. The badges are made of different materials, ranging from simple plastic up to precious metals. Today, there are many different variants of manufacture, and each depends on the characteristics of the production process.

Thus, your imagination is practically not limited by anything. You are able to order any design, color, shape, material and size of the badge, and the latest technologies allow you to get high quality results at low cost as quickly as possible.

Production of the rolled badges (that are also called polygraphic) is rightly considered to be the simplest one. The production technology consists in applying of an image over a tin or plastic base. To complete the production of a badge, its top is coated with a protective layer, and a pin is attached in the rear. Most often the rolled badges are used for information delivery, product and company advertising and production time and price (even in Moscow) are low.

The next type is a stamped badge. It can be ordered for usage in corporate and promotional purposes, but its price is slightly higher due to the more complicated manufacturing process. Stamped badges include the three-dimensional “lense”-badges and the filler badges. The price of such products in Moscow varies depending on the size (but generally these badges are inexpensive). Respectively, it takes a little longer to produce them, in comparison with the rolled badges.

The metal badges are the most beautiful and presentable. Stamping or molding methods are used in its production, while application of an image is possible by both colorful enamels and metal etching. Anyway, these badges are the most original and elite attributes that are created to order in Moscow. The price of such badges depends on the type of production, from etching, stamping etc. (casting is the most expensive). It also depends on the materials of the badges (gold, silver and nickel plating to order are possible).

To sum up, depending on the purpose of use, in Moscow you can order any number of badges to any taste. This accessory is a simultaneously recognizable trademark, an effective and unobtrusive advertising and just cool thing, designed to underline the carrier’s image. Our company employs the best specialists, who help in a badge layout making and answer all the questions. Using the latest technologies, we can easily produce even the most urgent and complicated orders!